Monday, January 24, 2011

Glamorous Style with Maria Montazami

In 2009 TV 3 start to send a show called
"Swedish Hollywood wifes"
3 swedish women told us how they live their glamorous lives
with their wealthy husbands in Hollywood.
The program became very popular because of the
different personalities and characters .. of the women Maria Montazami
..has become Swedens Darling NO 1
image from bloggar24
..You can see her "everywhere" the most popular Tv shows
advertisement, shes a VIP blogger for popular magazines

below maria in her livingroom in californina

image boutiguediva

The Montazami family

image from expressen

Maria has started to design handbags

a collaboration with

I have the opportunity to meet her a few times,

and even if its only for a while...

I certainiy understand her popularity

...for even if she lives a "Cinderella life" in Hollywood ...

..she stands with both feet on the ground

...businesswomen Maria Montazami..
Maria is also designs tassels, beautiful tassels,,soo
american and gorgeous..
I show you the tassels another time.

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