Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Touch of elegance

A room can be overcrowded 
but never to elegant

I let the pictures speak for themself today. 
So soft and elegant.

Picture no 3 and 4 with the lovely ottoman is from hickory store.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Swedish Country Living

When the story is made is the farm in winter.
Eve whos lives here say it as beautiful as the spring when
the apple trees are in bloom..

Eve is a warm and gracious person who welcome us into her home.

Eve think its  a privelege to live in an old house with a soul.
The old atmosphere that already exixtx here is reinforced with furniture style
Shabby Chic

The small annex build in early 1900th with deep window niches
and visible beams in the ceiling

There remain some project in the house, one of those on here wish list is to repaint the kitchen cabinet.
When Eve moved here she resumed herinterest in art , and upstairs she has her studio today (not in picture)
The life she has today is exactly what she wished for , to able to have a creative atmosphere where it can be chaos
without affecting the rest of the accomodation.
Living room, bedroom , kitchen and toilet on ground floor and studio upstairs .
-Im a perfectionist and likes order. Being able to have order in ground floor and 
untidy and cluttering upstairs without having a guilty conscience fit me.
No one else more than I need to see more chaos ,she says, laughing
This picture is from christmas time..but I just loved it..Eva love christmas to and says that winter time can be very loooong out here so she starts to decorate for christmas quit early and use a lot of candles to create a cozy atmosphere

The wineyard in winter time

 All the pictures are taken by Jörgen Jn fotozon Nilsson
text Eva Sabo and Marie Söderberg (me)

Click here to visit Evas Gallery

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday interior profile relaxing bedroom

Classic and Stylish 
bedroom in colors that make you relax


Formal classic
Via Housebeautiful designer Melissa Rufty´s bedroom
tree house bedroom
Via Housebeautiful design by Susanne Tucker
The colorpalett in your  bedroom should be soft colors that helps you go to sleep.
The main color should be one that helps your min and body relax.

The colorpalett above beige,gray,khaki create comfortable surrondings..if you want a more romantic look use soft blue,sage gree, pink or peach.

sunday profil kitchen inspiration

Thursday, January 26, 2012

FORMEX 2012 Stockholm fair

Last week it was Stockholm interior Fair, where all who works with textils, designers, planners, stylist, press, architects..and so on was invited.

The fair was as always nice arranged, but I thought that the exhibitors would have shown more colorful news...however..

Next week it is Stockholm Design Week, I really looking forward to show you beautiful, creative, and stylish furniture from the Fair..so stay tuned :)

here is first a glimpse of my favorite exhibitors spring 2012.




Purple and lovely Lavender living

How about this, purple purple and purple .
Is it not adorable?
*sweet as candy if you ask me*

lets start with a glamorous fairytale bedroom

Colorpalett for the bedroom
the dreamy bedroom are created by Kate McIntyre and was featured in Traditional Homes

modern chic glamorous bedroom via blog the lennoxxx


My favorite is definitely the bedroom..

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hamptons House

How gorgeous is this Hamptons house?
There must be a "billions" of beautiful houses in the  Hamptons..
Here is a glimpse of one of them

Ja TV serien "Revenge" har verkligen fått igång min inrednings ådra beträffande den Klassiska stilen..är helt lost i ett skimmer av inspiration..vill fixa NU NU NU ;)

look at this marvelous, luxurious and inviting master bedroom!!!

well, what can  I say..Im lost iin Hamptons interior at the moment..
I blame it on the TV serie revenge.. hahaha
It has revived my interior vein on the Classic Style.

Pictures from blog 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Black Interior ideas

8 ideas To use Black Interior



photo william waldron via
I love using black in my home.
We have some accents like side tables,frames, pillows, lamps, rugs...
I think we will see more of this color in our homes in the future, 
Last year we called the trend Black is the new white, and I think its here to stay.

My son has black and white wallpaper and furniture..is very cool masculine ,dramatic and sophisticated and Classic Style.

Do you like Black to use as a interiorcolor?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Classic Style Shop

Yesterday ,I fell in love...again ..
regarding Pillows..I LOVE pillows
Sooo.. I just could not resist
To start my FIRST petite online shop
here on the blog

Welcome to see my darlings, 
the Elegant & Sophisticated 
klick - Pillows.

Black is elegant and classy, with details like fringe and feather gives the feeling discreet touch of glamour.

For purchase contact me 
ship world wide



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

TMS Architects house in Hampton, New Hampshire

Take a deep breath

Overlooking the Atlantic in Hampton,New Hampshire you find this incredible beach house designs by TMS Architects, great architectural details .
Did you see the adorable lighthouse on the banister?
There is nothing to complain about this casual elegant classy home,

This beautiful home is photographed by Rob Karosis
source to this post is via blog

Take a look at TMS webpage ,click on theri portfolio...have a pleasant time :)