Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Style by ME for Yours Truly

Yetserday,I had  the great opportunity to style a model for a photoshoot for the fall collection for Swedish clothing company Yours Truly, Im so happy for this and it was such fun


Here is pictures from the Spring &Summer collection
All clothes sewn up in India and all details are hand embroidered...


 Every single details is thought out and the clothes are of the highest quality

The photosession took place in *The old movie Town* in Solna/Stockholm
called Råsunda and it was an absolutely fantastic feeling knowing that Swedens
greats actors/tress and first Hollywood stars have been staying in the same premises

  Here is a picture of beautiful actess
Ingrid Bergman-the dreamy eyed actress of yesterday..

pictures from the shoot you can see on our facebook page ,
 with respect to all dealers will no pictures from the fall collection be published until  Its released for general eligibility

more iformation of the company you can see here, pictures cherrie flower from webb regissörsvillan and picture of Ingrid Bergman from webb buzztab.com

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Style by Elin Kling

Nu är den Äntligen här !
Mode magasinet jag har väntat på
Style By Elin Kling
Jag är Imponerad !! GRATTIS till Elin Kling med Team

Finally, its here the fashion magazine I've been waiting for
Style by- Elin Kling

Jag tycker att Elin Klings framgångar är en riktig Framgångsaga, hennes Passion för mode
fick hennes blogg att växa till Sveriges största modesajt..imponerande..

I am impressed with this young lady, who began blogging about her passion for fashion for a few years ago, that became one of the largest in Sweden, now she has her own magazine, which is perfect with the content of everything you need to know and want to know in fashion, with a personal touch. If you dont have the possibility to buy the magazine take a look at webb style by

Hennes samarbete med H&M är som grädde på moset där hennes kompetens bevisar
att hon kan mode
sen får kritiker säga va de vill..men mitt mode hjärta har hon vunnit..

That she is this year's H&M guest designer proves that her brand is strong and I think personally she also shows skills as a fashion designer..so Classic, trendy and cool with perfect details at the same time..
perfect for this page Classic Style

The suit in silver
Här nedan en bild från inredningsmagasinet Residence som gjorde ett hemma-hos Elin Kling reportage
First picture via blog seenbybien, no 2 dress via blog pearlsandpeacocks picture no 3 elin kling in from her H&M collection via blog meansofme picture no 4 Elin Kling in her bedroom for Interior magazin residence via blog medenkansla

Friday, March 25, 2011

Garden Party

Garden Garden Garden
Lovely garden, Amazing garden, Green garden
Rose garden and Pool garden..and dont forget the garden party..
                                                         What to wear at the Party?
Classic Style Fashion blogger Eleonora Galli recommends this:
Green velvet shoes by Christian Louboutin + cocktail dress
from the Louis Vuitton 2011 Cruise Collection


Picture no 1 from house to home, no 2 shoes from christian luoboutin and louis vuitton.
picture no 3 YSL and no 4 garden from vouge via blog laceandtea

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Classic Style Roof terrace in the City

..Sky around the corner..
look at this cozy green roof terrace
Classic Style in the City of Stockholm
 so wonderful to take a shower outdoors..
 an oasis in the middle of town, where you live next door to heaven
In the background you see building Stockholm City hall
(where the Nobel prices banquet take place)

pictures are from swedish interior magazine skona hem via blog pureboheme

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Garden for balance & harmony

Spring is here and I felt an urge to write about gardens.
I will continue to dream about a garden of my own..
as long as we live in an apartment,
we have only a small balcony ...
But, that dosent stop me continuing dreaming..and you never know..one day I might bee a gardener...
Whats your plan for your garden this summer, What are you dreaming of ?
 its time to plan your garden, balcony or terrace..
are you dreaming of climbing roses..?
The spirit of Feng Shui gardens...

Even if you live in the city..

It does not mean you can not have a garden terrace
This week I will offer you inspiration pictures of Balconies in the city..
Roofterrace from Stockholm, New York and London. and fashion tips
What to wear at the pool party..by Eleonora Galli...
You cant miss..
See you around

more garden picture from my blog HERE
picture no 1 vogue US dec 2006 via blog mosseys country garden
picture no 2 from facebook page *I like white*, no 3 from architectural digest. picture no 4 from country living via blog candyheartandsandpaper, picture no 5 country living via blog heideclaire

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Accessories by Eleonora Galli

MUST HAVE this summer By Eleonora Galli
Hi everybody I hope you enjoyed the post about spring collection,this time we talk about accessories.This spring/summer we have some topics that you cannot miss.
First Sombrero hats: We need to protect us from the sun,there is nothing more who can creat more mystery than a big hat and sunglasses.

yellow/black hat is from PRADA black/white from Zara

this summer I will suggest you vintage sunglasses,they are wonderful and made by the care and attention to details that were used years ago,on the Etsy site you can find a lot of sunglasses wide variety and price ranges for all.

Pendant: Long necklace with big pendant is a mood that we have already seen in different seasons, but now the the big pendant are colored by the summer color,the light blue of the sky, the yellow of the sun, the red of the flower and many more...

light blue from bijoux heart and red from etsy

at the luxury website net-a-porter you can find this beautiful jewelery necklace from
 oscar de la renta,
earring from Kenneth jay lane and bracelet from Isharya
This summer ! shine like a goddess.
It dosen´t matter if you are a Greek one or Indu, Roman,Egypian, or Native American,choose the clor of the sun. Gold is perfect to make shine your tan skin, gold nuggets embedded in big rings,they seems to come from another age,-the stone age-made by primitive man and come down to this day,hide and protected inside a rock. These big gold rings can make precious your outfit in different occasions

ring to left is from etsy and right from YSL
Big Bangels,they are funny and you can find it in different colors,size shapes and decorations They remind the 60s and are perfect with a print flower dress walking on the beach..

bangles from Marc by Marc jacobs and the white with start from etsy

But this summer is not only mystery nd be a diva,we are on the 21 century and we need and love technoligy,also in summer and on holiday we cannot stay away from our laptop or our Ipod,we need to stay in touch and alwyas updated. Marc by Marc Jacobs has designed a wonderful and colorful hi.tech collection made of headphones and laptop case.I choose this light blue but on Net-a-porter you can find also in yellow and fuchia.
Guestpost by guestblogger Eleonora Galli

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bathroom Pictures

Get inspired of this romantic bathroom pictures
this time 3 of them from a fantastic Shabby Chic blog from Ireland
Det är rätt galet..men jag "ser" bara vita bilder, shabby chic..överallt..jisses
det e inte klokt..antar jag har en period i mitt liv dåra..hihi..nåväl , det gör ingenting för det är romantiskt och fint här några bilder från en islänsk blogg vän..Bli inpirerad :)) also no 2

and no 3

unknown -via facebook page *I like white*

I Looove marble..and this piece of work is fantastic
More bathroom pictures at Classic Style site you find Here
bathroom pictures no 1, 2 & 3 from blog shabbychic Ireland
more Shabby Chic pictures here

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Livingroom pictures

It seems I am in a White period ..
I found pictures of light,bright & shabby chic pictures "everywhere"
This livingroom pictures I found on Facebook at page "I like white"
and yes..I like white to..Witch one is your favorite?

My favorite is the first livingroom picture because I like the books on the wall

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shabby Chic Diningroom vs Bedroom

Diningroom for a day

We have a dingroom in our lovely apartment..
but we have use the room as a bedroom most of the time ,because the children to get their own room,
But, yesterday the room was refurbished as a diningroom again,when we have a wonderful party

The "sofa" is usually the header of the bed
I must admit that Iam satisfied with the rearrangement

and..this is how the room looks most of the time
Our bedroom

What we did eith the bed/matress?..We put it in our sons room..perfect the chrildren loved it that we all were sleeping in the same room..sooo we will do this arranement again :))

I do prefer to have the room as a Diningroom..and One day the room will have this function again.

Friday, March 11, 2011

What´s up this weekend?

I wish you all a wonderful weekend with your beloved ones
photografer sabina tabakovic
Sabine is a vert passionated photographer who manages to convey great emotions in her pictures, it is a pleasure to see her work and look at her amazing images. Im very happy she is Classic Styles collaboration partner. See more of here pictures here from a photoshoot in my livingroom,
What will you do this weekend?
I have my amazing and derest family at my home this weekend, and we are going to celebrate my Birthday :))
//All the Best to You //

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Fashion- let us shining, by Eleonora Galli

The designers this spring will help us, and they heard our needs, it´s the most colorful spring we could imagine!
The mood of this spring is color,color and againg color.
bright color all mixed together in just on outfit,electifying color,the yellow of the sun,the color of the flower and flower printed in every cloth;Yes it´s finally the time to go out and enjoy the nature.
We have also some mood that are taken from winter but this time even became colored,the strips took the color ocean,lavender and mandarin,and we have also pois that on spring should be match with some colored belts.

An absolute must have of this spring/summer are the color pants,you can be brave and choose a yellow one or orange,or you can be more peaceful and choose a relaxing color like the light blue,you can find them in every color and for every pocket.

This spring we have the due to have fun and our outfit must outsource our happy felling;

-let us shining!
-Eleonora Galli -
Classic Style´s Fashion guestblogger

photo 1,electric blue:miumiu vs zara, photo 2 flowerprint: D&G vs united colors of benetton,
photo 3 bright color: fendi vs magno,photo 4 pois: moschino vs max&co. photo 5 color mix: gucci vs zara.
photo 6 stripes:prada vs H&M,photo 7 lemon trees: stella mccartney vs mango
all pictures via eleonora galli