Monday, October 31, 2011

Tobi Fairley interior design

One of my favorite designers is Tobi Fairley.
She is named Top 20 young Designers by Traditional Home 2009, March 2010 cover of House Beautiful and she is featured in many other top design magazines.
Tobis designs are beautiful and I love the way she use color and patterns.
I have chose these images because I like the color scheme, Tobi can creata a perfect balance in to the room /home with different colors. 
and..I like gives a calming effect of me..and the gold mirror as a sun..makes me smile..

Here is a glimps from here beautiful home
 Tobi Fairley Interior Design

This is Tobi´s entryway.
She says she likes to use black and white because it´s "crisp and dramatic"..
I agree and looove it

 picture source  chic geek design

Check out Tobi Fairley original page amazing stuff.
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Designmäklarna Electrolux Home & Releasefest

I veckan hade designmäklarna med spirituella och inspirerande Camilla Näslund i spetsen, releasefest på Electrolux home i centrala Stockholm. 
Designmäklarna har påbörjat ett samarbete med Elektrolux home där man bland annat kan få olika designade stänk skydd i sitt kök istället för det traditionella kaklet. 
 Kvällen hade allt en red carpet evening kräver, nämligen Glädje, Champagne & trevligt folk, och beträffande kvällens hudvudattraktion med Designmäklarna är att det här är bara början på vad vi kommer att få se av dem i framtiden. Ett företag fyllt med duktiga designers är en given succe. Grattis till Camilla Näslund & Co.

last week had swedish company Designmäklarna with spiritual and inspirational Camilla Näslund at the head, realse party at Elektrolux home in centralStockholm.
Designmäklarna has begun a collaboration with Electrolux Home where among other things can have different designsplashback in the kitechen instead of the traditional tile. 
The evening was a red carpet evening requires; namely; joy, Champagne & nice people.
And, so to sepak of the evenings main role. with Designmaklarna, this is just the beginning of what they will deliver to us in the future. A company filled of talented designers is a sure success. Cingratulations To Camilla Näslund & Co

I veckan hade designmäklarna med spirituella och inspirerande Camilla Näslund i spetsen releasefest på Electrolux home i centrala Stockholm. 
Designmäklarna har påbörjat ett samarbete med Elektroluxhome där man bland annat kan få olika designade stänk skydd i sitt kök istället för det traditionella kaklet. 
 Kvällen hade allt en red carpet evening kräver, nämligen Glädje, Champagne & trevligt folk, 
Splashguard by swedish designer Johan Gunseus, can be purchased at Electrolux Home
brickbord design Anna Viktorsson

Designmäklarna design by Anna Viktorsson

Designmäklarna design by Lena Eliasson

me (Marie Söderberg ) and Camilla Näslund, Creativ director
and Concept developer 

design Anna Viktorsson


Designmäklarna started in 2005 iin Holmsund-Umeå as a furniture agency but has now made the move to produce furniture and interiors with internationally and nationally recognized designers. Designmäklarna invest in local, regional and environmentally sustainable design. A large part of the output is produced in the North. The new collection includes, among other things, furniture, wallpaper, and splash backs to kitchen, textiles and more.
LIGHTING for the future of energy efficient solutions with the future light sources. The range includes solutions to environmental lighting, technical
interior lighting, exterior lighting for street, park and Industry.
Designmäklarna have contract with HBV in Sweden

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween ideas

Now we talking...
love this luxury halloween idea

This halloween pumkins are soooo cool , 
so glam..and fun 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Living room in confident colors

I love looking at pictures of homes were the color scheme creates a personal and confident balance. Here is a few of my  favorites .

Beautiful color together, via lovely blog stylebeat.

looking for more living room inspiration?

*living room with maculine touch*living room pictures

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TREND 2012 anti-consumption

No 2 TREND 2012
The trend continues in 2012,that actually was already begin in 2008. Im talking about the anti-consumption.
The "Shabby Chic" trend will continue in a long time, however,with other TREND Colours..We can already see that the white graduallu begins to take more of the colors..BUT the base consists..We want to recycle and love the feeling of old furniture with a history.
We recognize the value we have in our furniture at home and begins to replace the ruling againts another..Ex If you take my chair..I can take your table.

Antiques markets and flea markets in increasing all over the world

go out to the woods pureboheme
DIY trend helps to breathe life into old furniture.
You can revive, istead of replace , old furniture
this beautiful kitchen from swedish magazine skonahem

keep your old chair and put some new textils on it,
this one from smallkaramell

This is Doris Lessing, a women we will increasingly take on board and find inspiration of.
the book The golden Notebook  is lessings most celebrated achivement, a book to be affected by.
Stefan Nilsson Swedens  most renowned trend forecatser, has set the bar with anti-consumption he says-  The environment debate has become too complex for us so we bothered to take a decision on what product we actually going to buy. We like recycle, we like slow food, raw food
We like what they did in the past. We appreciate the "lady" " the old lady is the new vogue".

We will of course continue to consume things 
we become more aweare of what we buy.

keep on glam and rock on//Marie Söderberg

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kitchen interior ideas by Brummel

Sophisticated dream kitchen by Brummel
This iland is a dream of luxury..look how you easy can switch from island to sink and stove..  
Italian kitchen designer Brummel kitchen papillon.
more pages with papillon

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

French Shabby Chic Style

Shabby Chic Mania
Woaw..Im soooo trilled over these french vintage shabby pictures..
they are SO it..i just let the pictures talk for its own..
enjoy my lovely readers.

Shabby Chic Mania

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pure Interior Design Trends 2012

There are 5 topics in trends 2012, here is no 1
Wellnes, balance, open landscape,slow down,uncomplicated,beautiful and simple are some of the key words Sweden trend forecaster Stefan Nilsson uses when he speaks about trend in 2012 in an exhilarating way that makes us all long for..
 PURE unadorned & beautiful
 PURE White , Elegant, Ambiance & Soft
PURE Relaxing ,Elegant & Feng Shui 
PURE rice paper lamps ,they symbolizez the bare and beautiful.
this georgeous lamps are from well known french designer Inga Sempé, she is also guest of honor next year at stockholm furniture fair
PURE the wood trend continues inot 2012, here Max Lambs chair from woodware collection London design festival 2011

Here is London designer Simon Hasan a person who´s name is on everyone lips.
Here he is at his home for the telegraph photo: andrew crowley.

 Clean in form but with natural warmth that makes a home the perfect place to rest and regan energy.

picture source:
*concretewalls with white and soft grey linen/textils, New York City apartment via homeautodesign.
*classic living room picture with beautiful chandelier white sofa, books and animal chair via patterns color
*rokoko header in this PURE romantic bedroom from ELLE decor via interiorgallery design
*bathtube with feng shui feeling from hotel bali
*inga sempe paper lamp via ecofriend
*max lamp woodware collection via maisonchaplin
*simon hasan via online magazine the telegrapher

Monday, October 17, 2011

Masculine Interior Decor

Man about the house
masculine interior decor is a style wich become more popular..
Mantiques is a great store in New York where you can find sexy masculine decor
I like the name. Ingenious.
Hermes Desk lamp from mantiques
Man chic library at the Hudson Hotel in New York
master bedroom picture from Miles Redd´s home

Animal motifs are very man-chic...I guess it is a way for them to say ..If they lived in the early 19th century,they could have been an adventurer ....
do you agree?

David Hick´s apartment. The neautrals make the interior very Classy.
Thorn felicia design
 this living room..with the black window trim and doors..makes me shiver..of pleasure
Clean strong lines in this kitchen, wich is also comfortable and sophisticated.