Friday, September 30, 2011

GOLD Color Interior decorating ideas

 Some like it..some do not, many of us do not like to use gols in our interior
 Gold do symbolize wealth and power. It usually was privilege of celebrities and royalt.
Gold is timeless. Gold is rich, adventurous and priceless.

You constantly can come across a compromise. You may make some smaller gold accents that can have a fantastic impact on your interior but won´t be pretentious at all.
Check out the pictures to uncover some inspiration.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Shabby Chic Love

Why do we love Shabby Chic so much?

Do we want to go back in simpler times?
Is it the old soul in us or the pure beauty of the patina?

Is it because it is made of real wood or metal..Not plastic particle board?
Is it the many years it has been weathered or waxed ,painted over and over..lovingly
passed down the family..the furniture tells a story..

Please tell me what you think..
Why do we love Shabby Chic so much?

*Shabby Chic FRENCH HOME
*Shabby Chic BATHROOM

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog Award

I received a email a while ago from my australian blog friend Francess Russell, 
We have known each other for a while, she has such a Lovely blog
She is such a nice and beautiful lady. She made a guest post for my page which was very appreciated from my readers, you can see the post here.
anyway, this award she sent me make me feel so flattered and honored.

7 things about I need to share when accepted this award which I gladely do.

1, I have a lot of is to start my own lifestyle magazine
2,  A part of my hearts lives in USA
3, When Im visiti beautiful enviroments from turn of the century or 20th century, beautiful farms or castles..I fell SOOO alive..Sometimes I just cant behave..and can here myself providing sounds like OMG..WOAW.. ;))
4. I wish I could speak french better..need to practice more. Love visit the french riviera.
5.I love watching movies with my family at home in our couch , prefer in pyjamas, 
eating  candy and chips...thats cozy.
6. I would love to have my own TV talkshow
7. I love to share, thats one of my mantra

wish you all a lovely wonderful & amazing day

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pink glamamama day

To all the FAB mums around the world,
I see so many tired moms... tired so they start to lose faith on their own ability 
so this is for you...hope you get a little bit inspired
and dream away for a the glamamama world
so Happy PINK glamamama day
do you feel trapped?

make yourself a Glamorus lunch :)

your strength can provide energy to another level..
you got POWER
 take a break and enjoy a beautiful cake

relax n your sofa...
Buy yourself som frech flowers
Buy glamamama dishwashing gloves
a glamamama pink present for you bath

treat yourself like a princess

"A mother hold her childs hand, for just for a short time..
but holds their hearts forever"


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Red Living room ideas

Have you ever consider to have a living room in red?,
I actually hade a red sofa for a while ..
red can be overwhelming in many rooms but these pictures capture
the color well whitoute feeling of the walls closing in
these red sofas are stunning ...yet not owerpowering the rooms theyre in

Its give a warm ,luxury glamour feeling look..
and I dont say no to that..
How about you?

picture source 
turfedred sofa picture no 1 via eclected, ELLE Decor no 3,  elegant red living room pictures 4,6,& 7 hitdecor

Monday, September 12, 2011

Lanvin Fashion and Tamarro

When fashion goes Tamarro
by Eleonora Galli
At the beginning was Jersey Shore, some American girls and boys living all together in a house go to parties every night. A funny way to represent a kind of young American (all with Italians background) with the only purpose to have fun and go crazy. Now the phenomenon  just exploded, we find them everywhere, they become superstars, and they influence a style.
Yes because be a Tamarro also means have a particular dress code, over the top, scandalous for the girls and really macho for the boys.

Until that no problem, tv always influence fashion and street style, but in this case the opposite happens: a street style and a particular kind of style conquer fashion and style system. We all get tamarro (hope not).
Why I talk about this? Because this kind of junk television and junk fashion could also became a genius thing, if it is a genius like Alber Elbaz to reinvent it. Tamarro and Lanvin are just two words we cannot imagine together… instead it happens! And could also became a genial piece of communication!

Lanvin winter campaign 2011/12 is an example of that. Two famous models ( Karen Elson and Raquel Zimmerman) and two man models, all dress in Lanvin dance a Disco song by Pitbull, one of that song that “Tamarro” people love. The result is just hilarious and at the end there is another surprise…

I love this campaign because it understand the trend of the entertainment right now, make fun of that and became a masterpiece!! Elbaz is a genius we know that!
We had another example of that at the vma of this year, last Sunday Lady Gaga was replaced by Jo Calderone her male alter ego. Another Italian boy just a little tamarro who just monopolize the entire show, and thanks God! The show this year was really boring and below expectations!

In conclusion I am really happy when fashion and entertainment world make fun of themselves, take a chip trends and make it great! 
At this point we have just to thanks Jersey Show ;)

//Eleonora Galli

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In memory of 9/11 WTC

I will always remember when My husband rushed into the 
apartment screamin "-Turn on the news".

The first plane had already crached into one of the building of 
World Trade Center,
we thought we just witnessed a tradgic accident...
until we saw the second plane.
Evil came to visit and left an imprint in our souls for generations.

I send my thoughts to those who were affected personally by this terrible attack. 
Let us continue our common fight against terrorism

There will be no forgetting september the 11th.
We will remeber every rescuer who died in honor.
We will remeber every family who lives in grief.
We will remeber every fire and ach,the last phonecalls the funerals of the children.
                                -President George W Bush

Friday, September 9, 2011

Classic Style interior

Living in the city is sometimes very loudly, But it does not necessarily means a reduced quality of life.
In London City , you find this beautiful house.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Are you planning to move?
Are your thoughts on hiring a homestylist who add value to your accommondation?
The latest trend in Sweden is to make your home personal,it should appear that someone still really lives there. The selling ads in the magasines are more like an interior story.
Very unlike traditional homestyling ..

 I welcome this trend with open arms, Ive been waiting for this
and keep wondering why I didnt start it myself..?? 
Anyway. these are pics from an apartment sale for Alvhem  Makleri in Gothenburg, unlike most other real estates agents, they put great effort and care into showing the character of each abode. The idea is to reach more potential buyers. 
I welcome this homestyling it with open arms, Ive been waiting for this for aa loong time..Im sooo tired to look in the newspaper and every home seems to look the same...
This gives an injection of creativity,diversity and beauty. 
The interior pictures tells a story 

What do you think about this kind of homestyling...?
How does it work in  your country..?
Would love to here your thoughts


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dining Room pictures

This is Top Secret interior pictures..
I have noo idea where they come from..sorry for that...

But I need to share them them