Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Versace for H&M

Versace goes H&M
                                 -by Eleonora Galli
H&M, as maybe everyone knows, is one of the most famous and important brand of fast fashion, that is to say, clothes that you can buy at really low price and so it gives you the opportunity to change them quickly and buy it a lot. Like the idea of the fast food, eat quikly any time you want, fast fashion is the new millennium way of doing shopping.

In totally contrast of what is High Fashion – Haute Couture, where dress are made to last forever and they are really expensive, whereby you are supposed to buy only one piece in your life.

This two type to view fashion, understand it and produce it, seems to be incompatible, however H&M had the great idea that such an important joint venture could be realize!

The first time was a collaboration with one of the most famous pop star in the world and also a fashion icon: Madonna, who realize her own H&M collection. After that, were the Dutch duo Viktor&Rolf who had inaugurated the collaboration with important fashion brands. After that it was the time of the American brand Jimmy Choo and the last November was an Haute Couture brand such as Lanvin.
Dress from the H&M collection

Last week we discover who will be the next one, and finally I am happy to say that it will be an Italian brand, maybe one of the most luxury one: Versace.

I am really proud of this joint and also really curios to see what will be like this Versace for H&M collection, we just have to wait until November the 17th, until that we had seen a little premiere on Donatella Versace who wore a dress of the collection at the latest Versace Man catwalk.

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