Thursday, July 21, 2011

Street Style by Eleonora Galli

The Street Style phenomenon
                     by Eleonora Galli
Street style is everywhere, all around us, fashion has never been so show-off and proud to express itsefl in the street, and the media never had such an infatuation an addiction to that.Fashion sometimes born in the street, like the Punk, but sometimes fashion born somewhere maybe even far away and then it show itself in the street.

Now we have a lot more oppurtunity to have fun with fashion, must of the subculture cannot be completely free to express it opinion on the street where everyone can see  it, today fashion rise in i and bright in it. It seems that the only way of being fashion, or to be recognise as it, is to expose yourself in a blog or trying to be photographed.

There are a lot of blog born just for it and most of the blogger, woman as man, use their blog just to post pictures of themself and what they are wearing! the phenomenon has reached also the main magazine as Vogue and Elle, which has an area on their web site dadicated at the street style and they also invite their readers to post pictures.

Sometimes I am not really happy about it, most of the " street stylists" are pure self-love without any sense and care for what fashion is and mean. In some case they are just ugly, their proposal to be unique turn to be as a result a clown, they are over the top, simply too too much!!

The positive part is the funny part, they give you the opportunity to have a lot to talk about and also a lot of laugh! However if they do it because they love fashion more than they love themself I am with them, fashion could also be fun for the ones who dress and for ones who watch! It coulb become an entertainment, but if you use fashion only to appear and you don't respect it the god of fashion will punish you ;)
Text  by Italian Fashion writer Eleonora Galli

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