Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog Award

I received a email a while ago from my australian blog friend Francess Russell, 
We have known each other for a while, she has such a Lovely blog
She is such a nice and beautiful lady. She made a guest post for my page which was very appreciated from my readers, you can see the post here.
anyway, this award she sent me make me feel so flattered and honored.

7 things about I need to share when accepted this award which I gladely do.

1, I have a lot of is to start my own lifestyle magazine
2,  A part of my hearts lives in USA
3, When Im visiti beautiful enviroments from turn of the century or 20th century, beautiful farms or castles..I fell SOOO alive..Sometimes I just cant behave..and can here myself providing sounds like OMG..WOAW.. ;))
4. I wish I could speak french better..need to practice more. Love visit the french riviera.
5.I love watching movies with my family at home in our couch , prefer in pyjamas, 
eating  candy and chips...thats cozy.
6. I would love to have my own TV talkshow
7. I love to share, thats one of my mantra

wish you all a lovely wonderful & amazing day

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