Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Versace for H&M

Versace goes H&M
                                 -by Eleonora Galli
H&M, as maybe everyone knows, is one of the most famous and important brand of fast fashion, that is to say, clothes that you can buy at really low price and so it gives you the opportunity to change them quickly and buy it a lot. Like the idea of the fast food, eat quikly any time you want, fast fashion is the new millennium way of doing shopping.

In totally contrast of what is High Fashion – Haute Couture, where dress are made to last forever and they are really expensive, whereby you are supposed to buy only one piece in your life.

This two type to view fashion, understand it and produce it, seems to be incompatible, however H&M had the great idea that such an important joint venture could be realize!

The first time was a collaboration with one of the most famous pop star in the world and also a fashion icon: Madonna, who realize her own H&M collection. After that, were the Dutch duo Viktor&Rolf who had inaugurated the collaboration with important fashion brands. After that it was the time of the American brand Jimmy Choo and the last November was an Haute Couture brand such as Lanvin.
Dress from the H&M collection

Last week we discover who will be the next one, and finally I am happy to say that it will be an Italian brand, maybe one of the most luxury one: Versace.

I am really proud of this joint and also really curios to see what will be like this Versace for H&M collection, we just have to wait until November the 17th, until that we had seen a little premiere on Donatella Versace who wore a dress of the collection at the latest Versace Man catwalk.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

DIY by Wendy Bellissimo

 I am renovating my daughter´s room.
shes is growing..she is no longer mums little baby anymore..
(even if I think she is..)
anyway, all I had to transform in her little girl design into a big-girl room , was remove here small bed and furniture and pop a beautiful bunk bed..
Inspiration do I get from various favorite interior magazines
the picture below is from the book
*Nesting* by Wendy Bellissimo

beutiful girl bed from the NESTING by Wendy Bellissimo

Here is my daughter Sophies room, as it looks like right now..
I will reshuffling and enhance the color of green and goldbrown
She is with me in this and paint and select textile.
I think it is importend to listen to the childs own ideas, they love to decorate,
and they often have very good ideas.

The flags are from Shabby Chic stor no 1, Rachell Aswell, and they will stay in the room :)
In the beginning all this furniture were clean wood in pine when they were used in big brother Philips boy room.

She will still have her beautiful Pink kitchen in her room...
 I do agree with her, the kitchen is just adorable..who dosen´t want to play there?

Inspiration picture from POTTERY BARN
the link will take you to their lovely outdoor furniture
The process..We will build in the bed where we put liitle curtains so Sophie can draw on,
a *roof* should also be there with lighting lika a starry sky

just say yes
some good advice from wendy bellissimo
You cant always say yes, but use the word *no* sparingly. Negativity aside,opposing your child´s will without fair and honest explanation will undemine your bond and dimish their self-confidence. However young they may be,always give your children the opportunity to understand-they will respect you for it and trust themselves to do right thing next time.

Image source picture no 1 from book nesting by wendy bellissimo, picture no 2 and 3, the pink girl room, is from my private album and daughters room. picture no 4 from pottery barn´s catalog

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pink glamorous style

I just let the pictures talk this time,,

source FAB weheartit

Go out there and be glamorous
Be PROUD of who you are
Be yourself. And nothing more

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

American Classic Style

When I Googled today..I wrote- American Classic Style
and this was no 1 of 77 600 000 results
The style icon Jacki O
 r u suprised or what?


Items in this observation:
Canvas Boat Tote-Barney´s
Pucci Scarf -Foulard
Jack Rogers Sandals -Sandal World
Gap Chinos
Cutler and Gross Sunglasses-Net-a-porter
Cartier Love Bracelet

This was no 2
An American Classic in Long Island
from House Beautiful
this is a beautiful Classic 1920´s Long Island house, designed by David Kleinberg
I have no idea..but I think this house is near the ocean..You can almost
hear the waves trough the pictures..

I love this fireplace in this elegant and sophisticated bedroom..

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Görvälns Slott- Princess Castle

Would you like to sleep like a princess?
Görvälns Castle in Sweden is the place to be.
Every room has their own charctar and the creativity is admirable.
all furniture/interior design is made by the owner of this dreamy hotel from the 1600´s

This silverbed is the most photographed room at the hotel
darling princess room nr 31
When the owner created this room they wanted to keep the feeling of the 1600th and the rough nature walls, combinated with gilded furniture and ostrich feathers. 

I think the they did extremely well.

Florentine room nr 32

Before & After
room nr 29
Here are great pictures how the owners of Görvälns
has created Dreamrooms for their hotelguest
This is the lates renovated room wich had the theme of animals,
before it was a laundry room..
 Take a look at the luscious rokokochair that has fabric of goat.
Before and After
room nr 28
This is one of my favorites
Just delicious...
The Green Room
and London fashion week

Take a look at the shirt at the right..
the designer *borrowed* the picture from the green room
cool isnt it?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vintage Elegance Style

Can you ever get enough of this
Vintage elegance style?

I love the combination of old and new interior
..and this room..to die for ;)
Looove the Chandelier below :)))

I think it is almost impossible to create a peaceful atmosphere if you do not mix old and new.
These pictures it shows a perfect example of vVinage elegance with the perfect balance.

I wish I knew how the house looks, the optimal housing is the to see the think  the *big picture*,
I think it is important that the building's inner style match with the outside environment.

Friday, June 3, 2011

DIY Wall Words

Do It Yourself
Have you ever dreamed of being able to write beautifully?
Stop think its a shame you never learned calligraphy
I have the solution !
Pregelatinized Wall words
 and why not put them on a roller.
Isn´t that great idea or what?

The roller is enje from IKEA
Picture above is one of the roller when its pulled down.
and this one when its up like a curtain..
source of this this pictures is from my mum & dad
they are really resourceful,
the wall words is from the swedish webbshop vinyldekor
Good Luck !!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Italian Summer holidays by Eleonora Galli

Italians do it better...the summer holidays
Eleonora Galli Tell us all about it.
Italy is known for many reasons,someone good someone not so good. Food, fashion and arts are maybe the things we do and we have done better. But there is also something we have received as a gift, we should be proud of it, try to protect it and improve it: Italy’s landscapes are one of the most beautiful and famous places in the world. It could be hills, mountains, costs, beaches, but probably the last one is the one of what we are famous for. Italy could offered different kind of summer locations, you could have the famous one, the most touristic, the most glamorous, the most party one, the most natural but all of them are in their own way breathtaking and unforgettable
I would like to accompany you in a tour of some of the most famous and beautiful beaches/ summer locations of Italy. But I can do it only in a touristic way of it, I am not a touristic guide, I will show you a combination of fashion and places. For each locations I choose two looks that represents that particular locations, its costume, its history, its traditions and most important its way to live and enjoy the summer. Each of this locations have a personal soul and are different from each other, the looks I choose are to make you understand the particular mood that surrounding this locations.

Frankie Morello

Adriatic Riviera:
Here they way to live summer is fun, fun, and fun, In this locations there are a lot of pubs and disco, the night live is the most frenetic and crazy. You usually go to the beach in the afternoon because you go to bed in the morning, so you need a look for the party and another one for the beach where you can not live without your sunglasses, that are used to cover your hangover.

Amalfi coast

Amalfi coast:
Famous for it bright color, its blus see the nature the colorful flavors, everything is full of joy. The warm of the people, the incredible beauty of the place will make you fell in love. You will live this holiday on the beach and taking an aperitif on a beautiful terrace watching the sunset, eating the best food of your life.


Tuscany it not only art and culture, it is also famous for its landscape, the vineyards and the color of the land, like: brown, gold and dark green. A summer holiday in Tuscany will be in a old restored farm, it will fell you like part of that place, part of the culture. Eating the land products and walking in the fields. You can also go to the beaches and during the evening go to Florence or other city to eat a fiorentina and take a walk around the city.
emilo pucci
 its like the heaven, the most amazing sea and beaches you would ever seen, a landscape made of Mediterranean vegetation and an uncontaminated environment, a place you will not forget. Sardinia is an island that can offer you the kind of holidays you prefer. You can choose an uncontaminated beaches with not so much tourists or you can choose a more glamorous part of Sardinia where you can find a lot of V.I.P.s, discos and famous brand shops.

Badgley Mischka

The island of passion. You will fell in love with the people, beautiful and warm, and the place of course. Sicily is the land of the citrus, that smell will accompany you during the trip and you will bring with you. Sicily is like a hollow a secret place, you will always discovery something new and beautiful. Sicily is old Greek monument is a land made of rocks and little vegetation. Its foods is extraordinary and its mood is unique. Sicily is an unique place it is a combinations of sensation, its culture and history made of it a fantastic place that will surprise you.

Stella McCartney

marc jacobs
text by Eleonora Galli -Classic Style´s fashion blogger,
photo source from S/S 2011 via Eleonora