Monday, January 16, 2012

Sophisticated in the Bedroom ideas......

..Bedrooms with the touch of  glamour...I love it !
(well...I guess I love glamour in every room..hehe)
Here I found some sophisticated pictures that gave me inspiration
to make a bedroom look more than just a place to sleep..
I love the armchaírs, the petite table and ottomans.

Sooo my friends..tell me..which ONE would you prefer ?
ELLE decor via blog were the side walks begins.

So glam and elegant is this grey velvet-covered bedroom above ,The room can seem á bit chilly because of the grey tones..
but I think the floor´s color pigment gives the room a varm feeling and balance.

If you compare it to the bedroom picture above with the white leather bed and grey carpet, you will see a clear difference in the use of gray in a room in a different way.
Instead, they used a grey beige color on the wall, colored pillows in warm color which balanced up the room.

My favorite is NO 1

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