Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Greenroom

Where will the stars bee before they hit the stage
at the 83rd Annual Academecy Award february the 27?
The Architectural Digest greenroom, of course.
Each year AD selects anoted designer to transform a raw place into
a backstage oasis for presenters and winners
alike on Hollywoods biggest night.
This year,interior designer Michael S Smith is the man for the job,
his vision for the room is inspired by luxe,tailored 1940 Hollywood style
This is the room 2011
check out the greenroom of the past
Roger Thomas designed the greenroom in 2010

Dorothy and Roy Christopher infused the space with deep red, gold and color palette to create a dramatic look

they also made this white and bright greenroom they described it as "a tip of the hat to the glamorous settings from Hollywood golden age". The 77th award was the first official greenroom made by AD
Carleton Varney designed the greenroom 2008,

"I wanted to recall the golden age of Hollywood,..Varney says

In 2006 the veteran art director of Academy Award Roy Christopher and his wife Dorothy transformed the greenroom intimate yet lux lobby of a fantasy movie theater.

all images from Architec & digest

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