Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Accessories by Eleonora Galli

MUST HAVE this summer By Eleonora Galli
Hi everybody I hope you enjoyed the post about spring collection,this time we talk about accessories.This spring/summer we have some topics that you cannot miss.
First Sombrero hats: We need to protect us from the sun,there is nothing more who can creat more mystery than a big hat and sunglasses.

yellow/black hat is from PRADA black/white from Zara

this summer I will suggest you vintage sunglasses,they are wonderful and made by the care and attention to details that were used years ago,on the Etsy site you can find a lot of sunglasses wide variety and price ranges for all.

Pendant: Long necklace with big pendant is a mood that we have already seen in different seasons, but now the the big pendant are colored by the summer color,the light blue of the sky, the yellow of the sun, the red of the flower and many more...

light blue from bijoux heart and red from etsy

at the luxury website net-a-porter you can find this beautiful jewelery necklace from
 oscar de la renta,
earring from Kenneth jay lane and bracelet from Isharya
This summer ! shine like a goddess.
It dosen´t matter if you are a Greek one or Indu, Roman,Egypian, or Native American,choose the clor of the sun. Gold is perfect to make shine your tan skin, gold nuggets embedded in big rings,they seems to come from another age,-the stone age-made by primitive man and come down to this day,hide and protected inside a rock. These big gold rings can make precious your outfit in different occasions

ring to left is from etsy and right from YSL
Big Bangels,they are funny and you can find it in different colors,size shapes and decorations They remind the 60s and are perfect with a print flower dress walking on the beach..

bangles from Marc by Marc jacobs and the white with start from etsy

But this summer is not only mystery nd be a diva,we are on the 21 century and we need and love technoligy,also in summer and on holiday we cannot stay away from our laptop or our Ipod,we need to stay in touch and alwyas updated. Marc by Marc Jacobs has designed a wonderful and colorful collection made of headphones and laptop case.I choose this light blue but on Net-a-porter you can find also in yellow and fuchia.
Guestpost by guestblogger Eleonora Galli

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