Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shabby Chic Diningroom vs Bedroom

Diningroom for a day

We have a dingroom in our lovely apartment..
but we have use the room as a bedroom most of the time ,because the children to get their own room,
But, yesterday the room was refurbished as a diningroom again,when we have a wonderful party

The "sofa" is usually the header of the bed
I must admit that Iam satisfied with the rearrangement

and..this is how the room looks most of the time
Our bedroom

What we did eith the bed/matress?..We put it in our sons room..perfect the chrildren loved it that we all were sleeping in the same room..sooo we will do this arranement again :))

I do prefer to have the room as a Diningroom..and One day the room will have this function again.

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