Saturday, May 7, 2011

Living room in Green

Are you a *green* person, ?
Are you actively environmentally conscious?
Do you know how you can helt mother earth?
I guess there is a LOT of thing you can do..but the small steps are better than nothing at all..
I dont know of you become more enviromentally conscious of these pictures...but certainly inspired to become more aware..
so lets Go Green

I do not see myself as an extreme activism for the environment but I (and my family) do the best we can.for exapmle:
Though we live in the city we have chosen not to own a car. We rent a car during our holidays otherwise we take the train, bus or the bike, We also sort our garbage.
What do You do?..please tell us all

All this beautiful pictures comes from.
the green list, the green chairs and the frames by kelly wearstler by vivoroy from this inspiring blog .the hallway from Tory Bursh beautiful home via blog. The black and white striped wall with green sofas, the zebra wallpaper bathroom via this blog. The green wall with shabby chic,vintage rokoko sofas by michael eastman via this blog

Read thoughtful words about "The earth we inherited"at Swedish blog
 The succesagency
also check out this webbsite about valuable plant fertilization and ecologic recycling for everyday life.
read about TOWA

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