Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Profile- Thirty Seven West

Through my daily visits here over internet, I met great entrepreneurs,
so I have decided to start a *Sunday Profile* ,so from now on
I will highlight great entrepreneurs. -EVERY Sunday,
Today, I will introduce you all to a lovely person I have the privilege to get in contact with.  Her name is;
Linda Bryan-the owner of Thirty  Seven West-

Linda Bryan is the founder and owner of Thirty Seven West. This is what she has to say about her company:
“For as long as I can remember, the smell of fabrics has wafted in the air around me, and the zest for creativity has pulsed through my family’s veins from generation to generation. Starting with my grandparents who ran fabrics stores all my life; one in Marietta Square and one in Toco Hills, GA, the love for fabrics and textiles began, where I first worked. I can fondly recall how the cloth dyes tickled my nose, but what I love the most is how the rich hues and textured fabrics stir up creativity in me. In the early 1960´s my father cintinued the tradition with clothing label company serving home sewing market. 

This is why I started:
I took my passion and turned it into my life`s business. I started my own label business in the early 1990’s. Since then, I have lived and breathed clothing labels, making my dream a reality by helping others and making their artwork for their branding come to life! Woven labels offer me an artistic outlet, while providing entrepreneurs and small business owners a functional, affordable way to brand their creations.
Linda Bryan

So much happiness:
It brings me great joy and satisfaction to know that I can help and  bring a personal touch and a crucial marketing piece to my clients’ products. I have always expected great value and professional absolute top quality and believe in offering the same. It is my mission at Thirty Seven West to deliver fully customizable woven labels at the best prices. With my extensive experience in the label industry, I know what it takes to transform your logo or name into a woven piece of art to last the lifetime of your creation. It’s not just a label; it’s your name, your passion”.

The company is growing:
Since that time,Thirty Seven West has expanded and started offering their customers more products. Among those are: Personalized and Non-Personalized Ribbons, Woven Labels, and Personalized Gifts for any occasion.
At Thirty Seven West, we believe in offering our customers the best service for all their custom woven label, personalized ribbon and gifts needs. We continue to grow, with our labels reaching well-known couture fashion garments, handmade bags, quilts, and various other textile products. We are privileged to have clients both big and small, and enjoy building personalized professional relationships with each one of them. We have made it our primary objective that our labels are of the highest quality and yet, still affordable for all projects and budgets.

Personal & professional service
We are proud and excited to offer personalized gifts, including embossed and engraved products for all occasions and all sorts of recipients. Covering categories such as Weddings, Corporate and Awards, House Warming, Baby, and many more, we are thrilled to help you find the perfect gifts.

Check out their website or contact them by sending a email
Are you as me a FACEBOOK fan?..found Thirty Seven HERE
Images exept from the PINK flowers are from Thirty Seven West

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