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Long Island Wine Country

Wineries and Wine Parties
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With summer in full swing, it's not too soon to be thinking about the upcoming wine season this fall.  Summer is a time for outdoor parties, white wines, BBQs and delicious snacks. But with fall getting closer, wineries are gearing up to harvest their grapes for the fall wine tours, and you should start thinking about planning as well!

To enjoy great wine doesn't mean a vacation to international wineries in France and Italy. Napa Valley, California is one of the most noted wine regions in the United States but there are many more wine producing regions in the country worth visiting.  The Finger Lakes in upstate New York is another distinguished wine region.

A great way to try new wines and decide what your preferred wine will be is to take wine tours and go to wine festivals. For any wine aficionado, a great vacation idea is to visit wineries instead of visiting resorts. For 
example on Long Island in New York there are many wineries to visit near the coast.

A vacation idea would be to rent a long island property, tour a few wineries, and enjoy an upcoming festival.  When planning a wine tour, make sure there is a responsible driver for all those who are drinking.  A lot of adults prefer to order a limo or bus service.  Do some research on what wineries are nearby and the most popular to visit.  Plan to go wine tasting at 3-5 wineries for the day and that should suffice. Wine touring doesn't have to be expensive either, as a matter of fact, most wineries offer samples of 5-8 wines for $5 or less!

Hosting your own wine tasting party is a great way to try new wines from a region and to spend time with family and friends. Host a theme party by either choosing one type of wine served or by choosing different wines produced by the same winery.  Depending on the wines chosen, certain types of cheese and chocolates can be paired for an even greater treat. 
Share any other great ways to enjoy the upcoming wine season!
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