Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yellow Living room pictures

Today post Iprovide living room for your inspiration.
Sunny SUNday yellow living room decor.¨
Be careful by using the color yellow, few strong hues can cause 
discomfort,but a perfectly color-balanced room provide a sophisticated sense of classic elegance.  Here are some selected beautiful, interesting interior yellow living room pictures.

A yellow color painted room,signifies a the style royalty and sophistication. 
So,if you plan a to have cheery decor for your yellow living room decoration with a lot of furniture and decoration, yellow will make a exellent choice for your yellow living room color scheme. this is because the color go very well will most of the types of shades of furniture.

What do you think about having a yellow living room?
We hade yellow lovely walls in our last house and we loved it.
have a lovely Sunny Sunday 


picture source
living room picture no 1, cheery yellow living room via southern living,
living room picture no 2, living room concept with black candlestick  & zebra carper via this interiorwebb photoexit. Romantic concept in picture no 3, Soft yellow flower wallpaper with grey curved sofa via 2juh.
Living room picture no 4, lovely fireplace in the center makes mee think of Hawaii..must be the pillow with the leaves and the palm in the corner, via kagozi.
more romance and fireplace in picture no 5, the blue pillow in the center of the sofa provides a perfect mix, and prove that yellow goes with most color& I love the ottoman . via dana-home.
living room pictures no 5 and 6 is my personal favorites, classic , elegant and contomporary living room via shinyinterior

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