Monday, October 17, 2011

Masculine Interior Decor

Man about the house
masculine interior decor is a style wich become more popular..
Mantiques is a great store in New York where you can find sexy masculine decor
I like the name. Ingenious.
Hermes Desk lamp from mantiques
Man chic library at the Hudson Hotel in New York
master bedroom picture from Miles Redd´s home

Animal motifs are very man-chic...I guess it is a way for them to say ..If they lived in the early 19th century,they could have been an adventurer ....
do you agree?

David Hick´s apartment. The neautrals make the interior very Classy.
Thorn felicia design
 this living room..with the black window trim and doors..makes me shiver..of pleasure
Clean strong lines in this kitchen, wich is also comfortable and sophisticated.

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