Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beach House in Florida

 At WaterColor in Florida, a pastel beach house sports Bahamas shutters and metal roof.
It is the color of the water that so fascinated both interior designers Toby West and his clients at this Florida Cottage on the Gulf of Mexico.
When they chose the color everyone was against it...
But they was sure indeed.
Toby wanted to do something different, to shake it up...
(The colors is more mint -green IRL, this scanned pictures make them more soft..)
This both pictures is from the entrance area.

Master bedroom,canopy and drapers in Colefax and Flower fabrics,using plaid from Cowtan & Tout with shell trim from Travis & Company. Custom linens through Toby West Interiors. Mainly baskets bedsides tables wicker chairs and bench
This livingroom picture is just sooooo beautiful.
When you se this picture, you understand why Toby West was so sure about the color.
..But im curious..
Could you live in a house where almost everything is GREEN?
I guess we all could live by the sea..thats for sure..but the color?
The house is like living in a, soft and delicious

all images from VERANDA magazine summer 2005, interior design by Toby West, Architectural design by Thomas Christ, photography by Mick Hales and Text by Frances Schultz.

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