Monday, April 11, 2011

Vintage Fashion

 Look what I found...a Treasure..
old Vintage fashion pictures from 1932-1968
I love this Vintage picture and my favorite is the girl from 1932..she look so Glamorous..and the hats..oohh my This summer I will have one, the girl in the red hat (picture no 2) soo cool:)
ok, wich one is your Vintage favorite?
from 1966 wearing sleeveless red-button front linen dress by kasper for Joan Leslie

model standing on tile steps beside the stone walls of the castelloSan Nicola outside Palermo Italy
wearing  a large brimmed  red hat with a chiffon pleated dress by Junior Sophisticates,1967
model Barbara Bach wearing dress by Teal Traina and hat by Halston,1967

model in turkey wearing dress by B.H Wragge from 1966
from Vogue september 1932,Hat by Magame Pauline

Model on a desk in a Classic City Aparment wearing a a blue coat with citkular patterna and matching hat
by ,Mila Schoen 1968.

Model Susan Murray wearing  full.skirted striped silk eveningdress by Tiziani,1966 
from 1968, model Barbara Bach wearing fashion by Leslie Fay.
the picture is taken in palremo,italy
from 1962, model  wearing fashion by Hannah Troy


Mary Jane Russell
all this lovely images are from design a amazing place to be.
I love that the Hats are back in 2011 summer trends,
I will definitly have one.
When you look at the pictures, I get the feeling that the models were significant older than they are today...but it may be an illisuion

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