Monday, April 25, 2011

Conservatory a Glamorous Glazing

Are you Ready for inspiring English exterior & interior design?
Ok, great lets go...-When i think of England, is it first and foremost , the beautiful brickhouses that slip my mind and their beautiful conservatories in combination. We have often visited London and lived outside in a beaustiful district called Richmond, the morning walks around Richmond Park is a feast for the interior design enthusiasts.
let me show you what I mean.
Edwardian Conservatory

Victorian Conservatory
Georgian Conservatory
With careful consideration and choice of your furniture, you can Create the most elegant room ,in your conservatorium if you like gardening a conservatoriy or orangeri will take you to a new dimension of gardening 
Plant Room Conservatory
or just create a relaxing room with cozy sofas

Traditional Conservatory

Stylish Classic Conservatory

Dining Room Conservatory

Wirework furniture
UK special week because of the upcoming wedding on friday between Prince William and Kate Middleton, we will only show your interior designs from England and we will do a celebration during the weddingdress and I mean Fabulous swoon-worthy Wedding fashion..
so stay tuned..

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