Thursday, April 7, 2011

Want to be a Barbie ?

Every time I walk past a Wedding shop, I stop and look in through the window ..and I look loooong time. I love watching those beautiful wedding dresses, its get me in the mood of a *Cinderella feeling*..I wonder way? perhaps it because all the Disney tales --*Once upon a time there was a princes...and...*one day the prince will come: ..


One day I found pictures of weddingdresses and  I was completely stunned..
Did you know that Mattel actually launced a BARBIE Bridal Collection in Tokyo!!
And Im talking REAL sized models..

 I can se a debutant wear this or a Young bride as
they show at pictures..this collection has also some more cocktail dresses. I guess I could wear one of them..IF i didn´t have the BARBIE logo dangling from the waist..It is kind of funny..but I cant get it out of my head that it is a little bit weird...right?

all beautiful pictures from weddinginspirasi.

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